Regional Airlines

Bait & Switch

You just booked a flight on one of the major U.S. carriers. Instead of going with a no-frills airline like Spirit, you decided to treat yourself to more legroom and presumably greater comfort. You are probably envisioning a posh cabin on a brand new 787 Dreamliner, seasoned pilots, in-flight meals, smiling flight attendants... you know, everything you see in the commercials! Not always. Your flight or part of your flight (especially connecting flights) may be operated by a third-party, contracted as part of a lowest-bidder model, where costs are shaved everywhere (e.g. pilot training, aircraft maintenance). You may end up on a cramp 1 & 2 seater, with tiny overhead bins, a single overworked flight attendant, and worst of all, no food (never mind the seat-back entertainment system you were looking forward to sampling)!

Republic Airways

SkyWest Airlines (SKYW)

Air Wisconsin


GoJet (Trans States)

Mesa Airlines (MESA)

PAL Airlines

Jazz Aviation (Chorus Aviation, CHR)


Endeavor Air => Owned by Delta

Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines => Owned by American Airlines

Horizon Air => Owned by Alaska Airlines

WestJet Encore => Owned by WestJet

Pacific Coastal Airlines => WestJet Link planes can't seat more than 34 passengers.

No Longer Operating: ExpressJet, Trans States Airlines (see GoJet), Compass Airlines